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Major for Grocery

Coffee grinder with flat blades suitable for shops with medium consumption for takeawayground coffee delivering up to 28kg per week of espresso grind

organically painted in silver


Power (Watts) 650 W
Grinding Blades Flat Ø 83 mm – 3¼ inches (ref. 151B single phase - ref. 151C three phase)
Repetitions per minute 1400 r.p.m. (50 Hz) 1600 r.p.m. (60 Hz)
Grinding capacity with medium/fine fineness (single phase – three phase) 400-700 g/min. (0,9-1,65 lbs/min)
Hopper capacity 1.8 kg
Net weight 18 kg (40 lbs)

1788.00 NZD